Analysis Lifecycle Management Software

Manage Analyses.   Review TFLs.   Generate Define-XML.

Your team's story all in one place. Manage your analysis projects, communicate study team assignments, securely publish and review TFLs via your web browser on schedules you set. Manage CDISC 2.0 compliant dataset metadata and auto-generate define.xml.

Manage Your Analysis Projects

Track each analysis you do. Who is working on them and when they are due. With tools to manage TFL and Dataset metadata from standard libraries you control.


Publish, Schedule and Review Your TFLs

Securely publish TFLs to study teams. Schedule and conduct TFL reviews via the browser. Reviewers get to see each other's feedback in real time. Statisticians adjudicate the collected feedback as programming instructions for the stat programming group.


Generate Define-XML v2.0

Import your Define-XML v2.0 compliant dataset metadata from a spreadsheet template we provide and manage that metadata for each Analysis to auto-generate Define-XML.


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Your team's story all in one place

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